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Note: The .csv file of your ethnicity results from 23andMe can not be used to generate a Promethease report. Instructions for obtaining your actual raw data file are here.


23andMe is a private biotech company based in the USA.

23andMe users are encouraged to use Promethease to produce a report based on their raw data; data from all chip versions is suitable. The Ancestry-only product from 23andMe produces exactly the same Promethease report as their Ancestry + Health product.

You can download your raw data, and these tips about how to get your data may be helpful, including for those using an ipad or iphone.

23andMe began offering direct-to-consumer genetic testing in 2007. The chip versions used since then, and the current approximate Promethease report sizes (total number of genotypes out of the 110,000+ in SNPedia) based on them, are as follows:

Chip Base (Illumina) Released Report size
1 Hap550+ 2007 13K
2 Hap550+ Oct 2008 24K
3 OmniExpress+ Nov 2010 26K
4 OmniExpress+ Nov 2013 22K
5 GSA Aug 2017 24K

There was also a developer API, but access to it was restricted (eliminated?) in 2018.

A comparison of the platform's result for User:Lilly Mendel

Example Promethease reports for this company

 PlatformRaw data availableSummary
Aaron Vollrath23andMe v2falseMale on 23andMe
Almelina23andMe v2falseFemale with cancer 2x
BlainebettingerFTDNA Family Finder
23andMe v2
true23andMe v2 & v3, FTDNA Family Finder, Ancestry.com
23andMe v2
Visualized family snps; whole family 23andMe genotypes
Ronald Bailey23andMe v223andMe data from the science correspondent of Reason magazine