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Filters -> Text allows regular expressions.

  • Try '(eye|hair)'
  • Try 'chr 15'
  • Try 'chr 15:50000000'
  • Try 'chr 15:50000000-70000000'
  • Try 'chr 15:50000000+1000000'

Many of my SNPs, the allele letters it shows in my report is not the same as in SNPedia. Like for example: rs1051730(G;G) is what it says for me, but it talks about this SNP as having C or T alleles? But I find this happening a lot? But when I check it against another site like PharmGkb, it's far more accurate. Am I missing something here, or is there a lot of typos going on here?

There is no error. What you're seeing is Orientation.

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