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Talk:APOE4 Community

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Right after the brief introduction, on the main (ApoE4 Community) page here, I'd like to have few sections like:

  • Background (will include the key issue of why standard anti-dementia advice might not apply to ε4s).
  • Possible treatments (and prevention)
  • Encouraging research

Perhaps these will be links to their own sections. In any event, I'm wondering whether we should create links with subdirectories under /APOE4_Community/ (if that's even possible), in order to keep all entries in the ApoE community in one "space". This might be useful if, for ex., there is an entry that might warrant its own general page, but might have a different emphasis in the context of ApoE pathology (for ex. turmeric).

Although I suppose everything could be in the primary subdirectory level, but have a name that makes it clear what's its purpose is (Encouraging_research_into_ApoE4, turmeric_for_dementia, etc.)

Thoughts would be appreciated before I make a mess of things here!

--User:Epsilon4 2012-11-24 10:27 (UTC)