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This SNP description does not make sense.[edit]

My Illumina Omni shows - "rs4124874","2","234330398","TG"; my serum bilirubin levels have always been normal; and the orientation cannot be turned to "minus" without turning it into a AC. Since neither T nor C is documented, only A/G, there is a problem... John Lloyd Scharf 01:46, 18 October 2011 (UTC)

23andMe also reports the position as 234330398 and the alleles as either G or T. dbSNP does not show any rs# at that postion, it does however, does report this as an A/G on the positive strand. There is no indication that an earlier build might have been on the minus. Equally strange is that the position does not match any of the coordinates from any previous dbSNP build. However the position is close by, so it's not an obvious and large error such as a wrong chromosome. There is also considerable variation in which gene name is reported. Strange indeed. Making a note on the main page. Others are encouraged to continue the investigation here. Thanks John. --- cariaso 03:42, 18 October 2011 (UTC)

Whatever the case, all my sample data shows GG here, so something different could be significant. Jlick 07:59, 18 October 2011 (UTC)

Here are the results from some of the public genomes

insiders/inputs/genome_Alex_Brennen_20081117202525.txt:rs4124874	2	234330398	GG
insiders/inputs/genome_Timothy_Gall_20081028102746.txt:rs4124874	2	234330398	GG
insiders/inputs/genome_Blaine_Bettinger_Full_20100517074826.txt:rs4124874	2	234330398	GG
insiders/inputs/genome_Lindsay_Brooke_Richman_20090115083931.txt:rs4124874	2	234330398	GG
insiders/inputs/genome_Greg_Mendel_Dad__20080223121010.txt:rs4124874	2	234330398	GT
insiders/inputs/genome_Mikolaj_Habryn_20080522154706.txt:rs4124874	2	234330398	GT
insiders/inputs/genome_Mikolaj_Habryn_20081230125549.txt:rs4124874	2	234330398	GT
insiders/inputs/genome_Kevin_Davies_20080928103428.txt:rs4124874	2	234330398	TT
insiders/inputs/genome_Myles_Axton_20081204122407.txt:rs4124874	2	234330398	TT
insiders/inputs/genome_Bastian_Greshake_Full_20110503120911.txt:rs4124874	2	234330398	TT
insiders/inputs/genome_Lilly_Mendel_Mom__20080505171156.txt:rs4124874	2	234330398	TT
insiders/inputs/genome_Rosemary_Redfield_Full_20110617135021.txt:rs4124874	2	234330398	TT

in case you should find that useful
Obviously, I messed up. This does not belong to either this SNP and my TG translates to an AC. You went with the SNP I mentioned rather than the place I commented on it. You may want to change the comment on the Page to reflect the resolution. John Lloyd Scharf 03:30, 31 October 2011 (UTC)