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Haplogroup R1b1b2g (Y-DNA)

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Haplogroup R1b1b2g
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Haplogroup R1b1b2g (Y-DNA) is a subclade of the Y chromosome Haplogroup R (Y-DNA). This wikipedia:Haplogroup_R1b_(YDNA)#R1b1b2g article gives a good introduction; eupedia has some further information.

Haplogroup R1b is the most frequent Y-chromosome haplogroup in Western Europe. R1b is detected via an A allele at rs9786184, also known as M343, and subdivided based on additional snps as follows:

  • R1b1b2 rs9786153 M269. The C allele is believed to have arisen 15,000 years ago; it indicates paternal ancestry from mesolithic Western Europe.
  • R1b1b2a1 rs16981293 M405/S21/U106 3,000 ybp Frisia, the Netherlands, England West Germanic
  • R1b1b2a1a rs17222279 M467/S29/U198 Southern England + northern Germany Germanic (Anglo-Saxon)
  • R1b1b2a1b P107 Germanic
  • R1b1b2a1c S26 Southern & eastern England, Norway, southern Germany, and Spain Germanic
  • R1b1b2a2a M37 Ireland
  • R1b1b2a2b M65 Basque country, Spain Basque
  • R1b1b2a2c M153 Basque country, Spain Basque
  • R1b1b2a2d rs1800865 M167/SRY2627 Iberia (esp. Catalonia), Cornwall, Wales, and Ireland Celtiberians, Insular Celts
  • R1b1b2a2e rs20321 M222 North-west Ireland and west Scotland Scottish Irish
  • R1b1b2a2f P66 Northern Italy Cisalpine Celts, Italics
  • R1b1b2a2g rs1236440 S28/U152. The C allele arose about 3,500 years ago. It is most common in the Alps, Rhine & Meuse, Italy, Jutland, and southwestern Norway. Linked to Alpine Celts (La Tene culture)?
  • R1b1b2a2g1 M126 Alpine Celts (La Tene culture)
  • R1b1b2a2g2 M160 Alpine Celts (La Tene culture)
  • R1b1b2a2h S68 Sweden and Scotland Germanic