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At the beginning of SNPedia, public genomic data was rare and this page was useful. Overtime many sources of public genomes have become available, as mentioned below. The raw data for many of these genomes are not available at a public location, and as such it's become difficult to maintain up-to-date information.

This spreadsheet of genomes with raw data is available.

There are additional public genome lists at PGP users and the opensnp users.

There are currently 23 public SNPedia genomes. They are from real people who've chosen to share their data to help all of us learn more about our genomes. Nearly all of them have regularly updated Promethease reports, but be sure to check the report header to understand how up to date each is.

 PlatformRaw data availableSummary
David Ewing DuncanComplete Genomics
23andMe v2
Full genome from Complete Genomics
DeCODEmeDeCODEmeSample deCODEme male
DenisovaFull Sequencinga 41k year old member of the genus Homo
Dichro23andMe v2
23andMe v1
true23andMe male (v1 + v2)
Gordon MoorePersonal Genome MachineNew platform, Founder of Intel
Hongiivfalse23andMe v2 & Affymetrix Axiom, male, Korean
Hyungyong Kim23andMe v2, male, Korean
Jtw23andMe v3Male on 23andMe v3
Kennethreitz23andMe v3a github genome from 23andMe v3
Lilly Mendeltruefemale co-founder of 23andMe
Manu Sporny23andMe v3Indian Male 23andMe v3
23andMe v2
Visualized family snps; whole family 23andMe genotypes
Masaru TomitaFull genome sequenceJapanese Male
Meightysixtrue23andMe (v2 + v3) male, awesome
MikesGenedeCODEme vs 23andMe comparison
Misha Angrist23andMe v2
truepgp10 23andMe v2, affy500k, Navigenics, whole-genome sequencing (26x)
Orta23andMe v3blue eyed caucasian Male 23andMe v3
Ramunas23andMe v2Male on 23andMe
Razib23andMe v3Male on 23andMe v3
Ronald Bailey23andMe v223andMe data from the science correspondent of Reason magazine
Rosie Redfield23andMe v3trueFemale 23andMe v3
Watsontruefull genomic sequence