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Repute: The opinion generally held of someone or something; the state of being generally regarded in a particular way.

Repute as a parameter is applied to a (single) genotype, and it can be either Good, Bad, or Not Set (blank).

'Good' and 'Bad' are mostly self explanatory. However, it's worth stating that many genotypes have a bit of good and a bit of bad. These and many other genotypes should remain 'Not Set'. Sometimes that's because they're not distinctly Good or Bad (like eye color) or Ancestry, but usually it means no human has come along to do the classification yet. Often this is the right thing to do, because the published studies are still too new and unreplicated to be convincing. However if you read through the literature and feel that a particular genotype is convincingly good or bad, please edit the genotype page so that future users can benefit from your insight.

In a Promethease report, the Repute is represented by the colors outlining each genotype. Genotypes with good, bad, and not set reputes are outlined in green, red, and gray, respectively.

Traits and similiar neutral concepts like eye color should be left blank.

See also the related concept Magnitude

Good things

rs15793179(A;A)6normal, for chickens
rs121912617(G;G)5Short sleeper
i3003626(D;D)5resistant to HIV
rs11591147(T;T)4.52-3 fold lower risk of heart disease
rs147210663(A;G)4rare variant with large positive effect
rs138326449(A;G)4rare variant with large positive effect
rs76353203(C;T)4rare variant with large positive effect
rs121912617(C;G)4Short Sleeper
Gs2684APOE E2/E2
rs63750847(A;A)4resistance to Alzheimer's disease
... further results

Bad things

i4000378(I;I)10BRCA1 (breast cancer) 5382insC
rs63751223(C;G)9early-onset Alzheimers disease
rs28941778(A;G)9Denys-Drash syndrome
rs137891647(G;G)9Lipoyltransferase 1 deficiency (severe)
rs200649783(A;A)9Orofaciodigital syndrome likely
rs80338859(T;T)9Miscall for 23andMe customers; otherwise, Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome
rs770374710(-;G)9Prader-Willi-like syndrome; Schaaf-Yang syndrome
rs63750577(C;T)9early-onset Alzheimers disease
rs267607036(G;G)9Pontocerebellar hypoplasia type 2D
rs63750215(A;T)9early-onset Alzheimer's disease
... further results