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23andMe v2 differences

From SNPedia

source rs4415084 is on the v1 but not the v2. If it were on the v2 it would have been a superset of the Decode breast cancer 7 snp test

gs124 can be detected by the v1 but not the v2

v1: 576,105 snps. 217 of these are not present in v2. v2: 596,532 snps. 20,644 of these are not present in v1.

From v1 and v2 tests of the same individual:

After my "v2" sample was processed, my "v1" data appears to no longer be available from the 23andme website.

Many v2 results (16,084) reduced a double letter call to a single letter. 'AA' to 'A' for example. I consider that the same call.

For SNPs that occur on both v1 and v2:

506 had no call ('--' result) on either test. 556,587 had the same result on both tests. v2 called 2,605 SNPs that were 'no call' on v1 v1 had 2 SNPs that were 'no call' on v2.

49 SNPs (0.00008) had different calls between the two tests.

SNPs that are on 23andme v1, but not v2: