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Helix is a DNA marketplace. They sequence your exome and then provide a marketplace of apps for sale to analyze slices of your exome for additional cost. The exome they provide is the standard exome plus a number of other data rich areas in the genome; the exact areas are not publicly revealed. As stated below you have to pay extra to download raw sequence data.

The two offerings that are relevant to SNPedia and Promethease are:

  • National Geographic Geno 2.0 Next Generation test: autosomal data is available and supported by promethease, but +$69 only gets you ~5000 snps known to SNPedia, which is far smaller than most other DTC services. To generate a Promethease report from this data, uploading the entire .zip file is the simplest and best option.
  • Exome raw data with a downloadable gVCF file for = $499. This is in addition to the initial sequencing price.