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How to Login

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SNPedia does not require you to have a user account. However, registered users have access to more features and are generally able to retrieve and edit information quicker.

How to Register[edit]

Accounts can be created by anyone. Once you register, you will receive your account information via email.

  • Click on "Log in/create account" at the top right corner
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click on "Log in"

If you encounter problems when you try to login, please contact the wiki administrator at admin<AT>snpedia<DOT>com

Password Reset[edit]

If you are a registered user and you have forgotten your password, you should send an email to the wiki administrator at admin<AT>snpedia<DOT>com to reset your password.

Remember Me[edit]

If you check the box Remember me when you login, the SNPedia wiki should automatically recognize you when you use the same computer to access the SNPedia in the future.

What are the benefits to registering ?[edit]

  • Other users will be able to recognize you and the pages you have changed or created
  • Only registered users can mark edits as minor
  • Only registered users can rename pages
  • You can setup your own watch list to automatically keep track of pages you are interested in

Problems with Login[edit]

In order to login successfully, your web browser must accept cookies from the SNPedia wiki. SNPedia is based on mediawiki - the same software that powers Wikipedia. Cookies are used by SNPedia to store your session information after you login.

How to Logout[edit]

  • Click on "Log out" at the top right corner of the page