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My Gene Counsel

From SNPedia

From their website: My Gene Counsel matches your genetic test results with information you can understand and use, and we deliver you updates in real time, to keep you in-the-know.

Available by subscription, their Living Lab Reports (LLR) are created, vetted, and continually updated by leading certified genetic counselors and consumer advocates to keep you current on the information that is critical to you and your family.

LLRs include the following topics:

Implications for you, your family members, future family planning, health and life insurance, treatment, resources, and the risks, benefits and limitations of the medical options available to you and your medical team.

Critical updates may include:

Major news, research results, medical advances, trials and new regulations.

Genes covered by Living Lab Report:

BRCA1 & BRCA2 (as of Sept 2018)
Additional cancer genes and other gene categories will be introduced in 2019.

Premium Membership to My Gene Counsel - Discounted introductory rate of $35/year

Includes 3 downloadable Living Lab Reports, accessible at any time. Each Living Lab Report is associated to a specific gene and variant and includes comprehensive information on many topics, critical information changes, clinical trials, major news and updates -- all specific to your genetics.

A My Gene Counsel subscription can enhance, but does not replace, genetic counseling with a certified provider. Information about finding a genetic counselor near you, or by phone, can be found using SNPedia's Find A Genetic Counselor service.

A special offer is available to all Promethease users who request a Living Lab Report.

Additional information on My Gene Counsel can be found through their website at www.mygenecounsel.com or by emailing info@mygenecounsel.com.