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While the focus of SNPedia and Promethease are primarily scientific and medical, there is also information about haplogroups in a Promethease report. In some cases a haplogroup genoset will be very prominent in your report, but for most people it won't be that easy. These steps can help you search for haplogroup information in your report.

  • Open your Promethease report. (if it's already open, click 'reset')
  • In the Topics pulldown, scroll down and select 'Haplogroups'
    • There will be a number in parentheses next to the word Haplogroups; that number just tells you how many haplogroup-related SNPs are in your report
    • You'll need to scroll past a bunch of 'Haplogroup ---' listings (where "---" is some letter); just ignore them
  • Change the Sort by Magnitude scrolldown choice to Sort by Frequency
  • Whichever SNP genotype is now showing on the left at the top of your report is the least common haplogroup SNP in that report, and it's usually the most informative for the haplogroup
    • Click on the genotype itself, which are the two letters - for example, (G;G) - next to the SNP name (which is the rs# at the top left of the box), and see what haplogroup it's associated with. This is the rarest Y chromosome haplogroup SNP in your report, so it's the most likely to show a haplogroup, to the extent there's enough information in your raw data
    • You can also check the next one or perhaps two genotypes and see what haplogroups they indicate, as long as their Frequency is 0 or at least very low.