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Promethease/Payment received

From SNPedia

Success. You should receive an email receipt shortly. Promethease will resume your analysis in the next 10 seconds.

If there were problems with your run, email a detailed description to bugs@promethease.com for a refund.

Some users are again experiencing a problem where the transfer gets to about 80% complete then waits forever. If that happens to you, just send an email. Refunds are easy and usually pretty quick.


I tried to download my raw data from 23 and Me and it stalled. I had to redo it and pay again and again it did not work.
I first used Chrome and then Explorer.
How can I get refunds for both these times? Will this bug be fixed soon?
Thank you!

Both refunds are on their way. Since this bug just cost me $4 and some time, I can assure you I want it fixed too. However I'm still unable to find a pattern which explains why some people have this problem. Past experience suggests that you will continue to have this issue, but trying to run from a different location or computer may help. I continue to work on a web based version which should work for everyone.