Have data from 23andMe or Ancestry? Make a report automatically with Promethease !

Promethease/Updating your report

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In late august 2017 promethease.com began to offer the ability to store your raw data, and generate fresh reports at no charge. The interface to do this is quite new, and at this time one of our major goals was not to interfere with the previous interface. As a result the steps to refresh you report are admittedly a bit awkward, but they work and we expect to improve these steps over time. In the interim this page shows the steps that will allow you to generate an updated report.

In the upper right corner of https://promethease.com click 'Login'
Put in your email address and password
You'll be taken to http://promethease.com/manage_dna_files and it will list the files you've previously stored. You can also get there by clicking on your email addres in the upper right corner.
click on the 3 dots to the right of your filename to list the possible actions. Files which have reports older than 45 days will allow you to 'Regenerate report'. click on this
You'll be taken to a screen where you wait for the report to be generated. When it finishes you can 'View' or 'Download' the report
From http://promethease.com/manage_dna_files you'll also be able to 'View' or 'Download'