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Promethease/Where is my other report

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This page answers a recurring question.

I submitted two separate DNA files for two different people and I seem to have only received one report. The report only refers to one raw data file and not the other.

Promethease worked exactly as it should, and I believe exactly as it it explains it will. After uploading your first file, and before uploading your second you were shown this text:

Multiupload text.png

What you've got is a report for the first person. It also shows the genotypes for person #2 throughout the report, but only for comparison. If you want a full report for person #2, that will be a different reprt, generated separately for $5.

Here is a screenshot from a report for Lilly Mendel with a comparison to Greg Mendel.

Multireport comparing Lilly to Greg Mendel.png

Her genotype at this snp is (G;T) show in the large font upper left. His (G;G) genotype is labeled with his name in a list on the lower right.