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Several people have requested a way to give a Promethease report as a gift

How does it work?

You pick a name for the coupon like 'xmas-grandma-smith' and decide how many coupons and the value of each one.

We'll prepare a unique url like


and when someone visits that url, the cost of their report will be reduced by however much you've chosen. We generally send you text similar to this:

If you visit https://promethease.com/redeem/xmas-grandma-smith and then run Promethease, you will find that you are not asked to pay. Proceed through the rest of the process. When you are asked about your ethnicity, you will see a place to input your email address. Normally this is filled in automatically using information from the payment. Since you won't be asked to pay, we won't have that information. I strongly suggest filling in your email address, so that you will be emailed a link to your report.

Note that coupons have an expiration date, typically of 4 months, but other durations are possible.

To order email info@promethease.com