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About Me

Hi, I'm Greg Lennon, co-founder of SNPedia with Mike Cariaso.

SNPedia is one way in which we aim to help make "DNA stuff" real, that is, to connect people and their interests to all that has been happening in genetics and genomics. In some ways, the Human Genome Project has come and gone, and it has failed to touch most people's lives. [Ask the next person you meet: know anything specific about your own genes?]

And I say this as someone who has been both an academic scientist (Ph.D. in Genetics; Senior Staff Scientist at the Human Genome Center, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; founder of the I.M.A.G.E. Consortium, the largest public effort sharing gene clones in an open access, royalty-free manner; 75+ publications) and a biotech guy (CSO or CEO for several startups, both public and private; consultant & founder of VeraGene). The way in which we as scientists and entrepreneurs attract attention and thus money, whether grants, rounds of financing, or upticks in stock prices is one thing, but if notions like personalized medicine are to become real, we need to help people make the connection between the variations in their own genes and their own medical and health issues.

A wiki is at least one way to do this, and we are gratified to see the contributions to SNPedia by so many of you with personal and professional interests in given medical conditions. We all share a genuine interest in helping people, including patients and their relatives, and that also means ensuring that high quality, reproducible data and findings about the genome are promoted and promulgated.

Please feel free to contact me about any aspect of SNPedia and related projects.