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This edit suggests a C/G snp while dbSNP suggests a C/T. What's the source for your change?

Hello. There are several of you using this account, so I may have reached the wrong person. I'm trying to reach whoever has been editing rs1800546. This snp has minus strand orientation, and that is the reason you've noticed the apparent discrepancy. I've restored the Clinvar box, and the genotype pages to be correctly oriented for consistency with the rest of SNPedia. If you have further questions please edit my talk page, or email info@snpedia.com. Thanks --- cariaso 00:57, 28 May 2013 (UTC)

Your recent edit to Rs28940279‎ contains some good information, but it begins to explain Canavan disease on that page. There are several snps which lead to Canavan disease as you can see at http://snpedia.com/index.php?search=Canavan&title=Special%3ASearch and duplicating this information onto all of those pages is not a good idea, because keeping all of them up to date will prove to be difficult to do. It is better to put information about the disease onto the already existing Canavan disease page, and to link there from each of the snp pages. The snp pages should focus rather narrowly on information specific to that snp. --- cariaso 11:56, 15 May 2014 (UTC)

Information from duplicate page RS4143094 was moved to the correct page rs4143094. Please go cleanup any duplication information. -- Jlick (talk) 18:01, 23 May 2014 (UTC)