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ReferenceGRCh38 38.1/141
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A strong association between rs689, a SNP within the insulin INS gene, has been reported with type-1 diabetes [PMID 15220214]

Several studies (including [PMID 17554300OA-icon.png]) have mentioned replicating this result, although without mentioning specific risk odds.

[PMID 19956106OA-icon.png] Analysis of 19 genes for association with type I diabetes in the Type I Diabetes Genetics Consortium families

GWAS snp
PMID [PMID 21829393OA-icon.png]
Title Genome-wide association analysis of autoantibody positivity in type 1 diabetes cases.
Risk Allele
P-val 0
Odds Ratio None [2.04-2.63]

[PMID 16595598] The INS VNTR locus does not associate with smallness for gestational age (SGA) but interacts with SGA to increase insulin resistance in young adults.

[PMID 17334650OA-icon.png] A type 1 diabetes subgroup with a female bias is characterised by failure in tolerance to thyroid peroxidase at an early age and a strong association with the cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated antigen-4 gene.

[PMID 17554260OA-icon.png] Robust associations of four new chromosome regions from genome-wide analyses of type 1 diabetes.

[PMID 17606874OA-icon.png] Association of the vitamin D metabolism gene CYP27B1 with type 1 diabetes.

[PMID 17667841] Association between paternally inherited haplotypes upstream of the insulin gene and umbilical cord IGF-II levels.

[PMID 17683561OA-icon.png] The TCF7L2 locus and type 1 diabetes.

[PMID 17700581] Association between small for gestational age and paternally inherited 5' insulin haplotypes.

[PMID 18085551] Haplotype analysis of the IGF2-INS-TH gene cluster in Parkinson's disease.

[PMID 18252225OA-icon.png] On the use of general control samples for genome-wide association studies: genetic matching highlights causal variants.

[PMID 18292987OA-icon.png] Joint effects of HLA, INS, PTPN22 and CTLA4 genes on the risk of type 1 diabetes.

[PMID 18310307] Genetic similarities between latent autoimmune diabetes in adults, type 1 diabetes, and type 2 diabetes.

[PMID 18375961OA-icon.png] Polymorphism of genes related to insulin sensitivity and the risk of biliary tract cancer and biliary stone: a population-based case-control study in Shanghai, China.

[PMID 18556337OA-icon.png] Impact of diabetes susceptibility loci on progression from pre-diabetes to diabetes in at-risk individuals of the diabetes prevention trial-type 1 (DPT-1).

[PMID 18940880] Association of type 1 diabetes with two Loci on 12q13 and 16p13 and the influence coexisting thyroid autoimmunity in Japanese.

[PMID 19020323OA-icon.png] Genotype score in addition to common risk factors for prediction of type 2 diabetes.

[PMID 19073967OA-icon.png] Shared and distinct genetic variants in type 1 diabetes and celiac disease.

[PMID 19168599OA-icon.png] Type 1 diabetes in the BB rat: a polygenic disease.

[PMID 19188433OA-icon.png] Do non-HLA genes influence development of persistent islet autoimmunity and type 1 diabetes in children with high-risk HLA-DR,DQ genotypes?

[PMID 19434426OA-icon.png] Common polymorphic variation in the genetically diverse African insulin gene and its association with size at birth.

[PMID 19956109OA-icon.png] The Type I Diabetes Genetics Consortium 'Rapid Response' family-based candidate gene study: strategy, genes selection, and main outcome.

[PMID 20144318OA-icon.png] A strategy for analyzing gene-nutrient interactions in type 2 diabetes.

[PMID 20628762OA-icon.png] Allele-specific recognition of the 3' splice site of INS intron 1.

[PMID 21278902OA-icon.png] Genetic risk profiling for prediction of type 2 diabetes.

[PMID 22511809] Association of variants in HLA-DQA1-DQB1, PTPN22, INS, and CTLA4 with GAD autoantibodies and insulin secretion in nondiabetic adults of the Botnia Prospective Study.

[PMID 23721563] Associations of polymorphisms in non-HLA loci with autoantibodies at the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes: INS and IKZF4 associate with insulin autoantibodies

[PMID 24275212] The role of tyrosine hydroxylase gene variants in suicide attempt in schizophrenia

[PMID 23835325OA-icon.png] Patterns of beta-cell autoantibody appearance and genetic associations during the first years of life.

[PMID 26074154] Non-HLA gene effects on the disease process of type 1 diabetes: From HLA susceptibility to overt disease.