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[PMID 17925536] Three loci at 8q24 are independent genetic risk factors for prostate cancer. They were named as follows:

Subsequently, another publication [PMID 18231127] chose to name three regions, however, the naming is inconsistent with the prior publication. In general, "region 1" = "Locus 1", however "Locus 2" = "region 3". It's best to stick with rs#'s, or, chromosomal position. The 8q24 "regions" were (broadly!) defined in chromosomal position terms as follows by [PMID 18231127]:

  • Region 1: 126.54 - 128.62 Mb
  • Region 2: 128.14 - 128.28
  • Region 3: 128.47 - 128.54

[PMID 18990762] an analysis of 8q24 loci and smoking-related cancer development

[PMID 19085946] using nnp microarrays to find cnvs at 8q24 linked to bipolar disorder