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GEDmatch Eye Color SNPs

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GEDMatch uses 41 SNPs and 61 rules active as of December 29th, 2017 to calculate a person's eye color. Below are the SNPs -- and alleles where known -- that GEDmatch uses.

  • AG rs10467971 Penetrance modifier - Blue
  • AA rs1105879 Reduces brown pigment to amber/brown gradient that is darkest around one's pupil.
  • CC rs1129038 High melanin production, often resulting in brownish eyes.
  • CT rs1129038 Medium melanin production, enough to add yellow to eyes.
  • TT rs1129038 Penetrance modifier - Blue
  • AA or AG rs11634406 Flecks (a.k.a. Nevi)
  • TT rs11636232 Increased density of anterior stroma; blocks melanin (i.e. lightens eye color); blocks blue (assumedly turning eyes grey).
  • CC rs11638069 Adds yellow (assumedly this means adding a small amount of eumelanin, thus appearing yellow, not actual yellow pigment / lipochrome).
  • CT rs12203592 Blue
  • CC rs12203592 No pigmented collarette (also tanning ability not lowered and hair and eye color not lightened).
  • GG rs12906280 Grey ring around outer edge of each eye (i.e. limbal rings)
  • AA rs12913832 High melanin production on anterior epithelium (i.e. brown pigment promotor not disabled, also higher chance of dark hair).
  • GG rs12913832 Low melanin. Blue eyes. (i.e. brown pigment promotor disabled)
  • TT rs13160471 Amber collarette.