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From SNPedia

Originally announced in the blog Dec 2007 SNPedia has a gff formatted version which can be used with Gbrowse. This has also been reported by openhelix.

Visit a gbrowse such as User:Watson at

or link directly into HapMap at a specific rs# such as

At the bottom of the page look for the text: Remote Annotation URL then provide


pick an interesting coordinate such as chr8:128504220..128604219 which is part of 8q24 or jump to a snp by rs# then zoom out. Try


  • set Scroll/Zoom=40kbp (upper right)


  • set Scroll/Zoom=100kb (upper right)

YanHuang also exists http://yh.genomics.org.cn/mapview.jsp but seem to have trouble supporting this.

SNPs in SNPedia are usually mapped to whatever is current by User:JlickBot which as of June 2016 means GRCh38 38.2/147 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/genome/tools/remap may be helpful if you need to map to something else