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Hodgkin lymphoma

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Hodgkin lymphoma is a rare cancer arising from white blood cells. People infected with HIV or Epstein-Barr virus, which causes mononucleosis, have a higher risk of developing Hodgkin lymphoma. Most Hodgkin patients can be cured by treatment with radiation, chemotherapy, or both. Wikipedia

SNPs implicated in susceptibility to Hodgkin lymphoma:

  • rs1432295 near the REL gene (risk allele G)
  • rs6903608 near the HLA-DRA region may raise the risk of developing EBV-negative Hodgkin lymphoma (risk allele C)
  • rs2734986 near the HLA-A gene increases the odds of developing EBV-positive Hodgkin lymphoma (risk allele C)
  • rs2019960 in the PVT1 gene (risk allele C)

Some SNPs appear to reduce the risk of Hodgkin lymphoma:

  • rs6904029 near the HCG9 gene (the A allele is protective against EBV-positive Hodgkin lymphoma)
  • rs2248462 in the MICB gene (the A allele is protective)