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We do not see quantative evidence, i.e. any stated odds ratios or the equivalent, in the publication cited for the association of rs13194504 with schizophrenia; it is mentioned as a "low-risk" allele, but the odds ratio itself is not presented as far as we can tell. At best, we estimate from comparison to the C4 related conclusions that the odds ratio *might* be about 1/1.27 = 0.78, corresponding roughly to a 25% decrease in risk. That's not that large, but more importantly, it's only a guess.

Additionally, SNPedia criteria emphasize evidence that is reproduced or replicated, and we tend to shy away from "first reports" due to their poor history of being "one shot wonders". This paper, as fascinating as it is, is a first report. We will find it very interesting to see which parts of this paper are reproduced in other populations of schizophrenics and to what extent.

If we are mistaken and you can point us to the odds ratio information in this publication for rs13194504 and it's quite significant, we'll be happy to modify the edits, and as this science develops anyway, it will be interesting to keep abreast of.Greg (talk) 02:48, 23 May 2016 (UTC)