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Testing experiences

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Note: Anyone who wishes genetic counseling may find a counselor directly through several means, completely independent of the gene testing companies. In the U.S., the primary sources include the National Society of Genetic Counselors, asking your doctor, and checking with your healthcare insurer.

[PMID 19606049] Individuals who present to health care providers with online genetics information may be among the most motivated to take steps toward healthier lifestyles. These motives might be leveraged by health care providers to promote positive health outcomes.

[PMID 19605829] The REVEAL study concludes that disclosure of APOE genotyping results to adult children of patients with Alzheimer's disease did not result in significant short-term psychological risks.

The following individuals are discussing their testing experiences, listed in alphabetical order:

Myles Axton at Nature is recording his experiences of testing with deCODEme.

Jay's DNA has Jay Cross's thoughts on reading his 23andMe report.

Mark Fletcher details his experiences and questions about the 23andMe service

Antonio C B Oliveira compares his testing results from 23andMe and deCODEme.

Psychologist Stephen Pinker has a particularly thoughtful and accurate essay (My Genome, My Self) inspired by analysis of both his DNA chip and (partial) DNA sequence data

Mike Spear at Genome Alberta has results from 23andMe, deCODEme and the DNA Ancestry Project and is using the experience and the issues raised in his blog, media interviews, and public forums.

Gary Wolf writes in his blog The Quantified Self of his attempts to gain satisfaction from his 23andMe results.