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The Framingham Heart Study began in 1948 with 5,209 adult subjects from Framingham, and is now on its third generation of participants. It now includes genome wide association study as one of its methodologies.

Recent related papers and SNPs include:

[PMID 17903306] electrocardiographic and heart rate variability outlier rs6683968

[PMID 17903305] breast cancer and prostate cancer outliers rs2075555 rs9311171 rs9325782 rs2410373 rs905883 rs7564590 rs7558615 rs1447295

[PMID 17903302] blood pressure and arterial stiffness outliers rs10493340 rs1963982 rs6063312 rs770189

[PMID 17903300] body mass index and waist circumference rs110683 rs4471028

[PMID 17903298] diabetes-related traits outliers rs7100927 rs7903146 rs757110 rs5219 rs1801282

[PMID 17903296] bone mass and geometry outliers rs1801133 rs1884052 rs3778099 rs4988300 rs2189480 rs2075555 rs10519297 rs2008691 rs10510418 rs2938392 rs2454873 rs379016

[PMID 17903294] hemostatic factors and hematological outliers rs561241 rs2412522 rs1582055 rs4897475

[PMID 17903293] select biomarker traits rs2494250 rs4128725 rs2794520 rs2808629 rs4128725 rs2494250 rs437021 rs2052028 rs2794520 rs2808629