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As most commonly used within SNPedia, genotype refers to the pair of SNPs inherited at a given chromosomal position, one inherited from Dad, one inherited from Mom. Example: rs1234(A;C) is how we indicate someone with a (A;C) genotype at snp rs1234.

However, this definition of 'genotype' varies a bit from the one intended when it first introduced over 100 years ago [10.1126/science.35.896.340], and even from the most common usage in genetics textbooks. Although genotype can refer to an individual's genetic constitution (as a whole), the most typical usage is to refer to the pair of alleles carried by an individual at a given locus (or gene). Alleles are classically defined by their protein products and mode of inheritance (e.g. dominant, recessive, etc.), but at a molecular level, alleles may also be defined by one or more co-inherited SNPs.

See also Magnitude and Repute

Notable genotypes

rs1801253(C;C)1.1responds well to bucindolol; may also depend on rs1801252
rs17822931(C;C)2Wet earwax. Normal body odour. Normal colostrum.
rs17822931(T;T)2.5GoodDry earwax. No body odour. Likely Asian ancestry. Reduced colostrum.
rs16891982(C;C)1.1Goodgenerally non-European, but if European, 7x more likely to have black hair
rs16891982(G;G)1.1Generally European; Light skin; Possibly an increased risk of melanoma
rs1426654(A;A)2.7probably light-skinned, European ancestry
rs1426654(G;G)2.6probably darker-skinned, Asian or African ancestry
rs351855(T;T)2.9Bad2x increased prostate cancer risk; among breast cancer patients, herceptin is less effective
rs713598(G;G)1.1BadPossibly unable to taste bitter in some foods.
rs713598(C;C)1.1GoodCan taste bitter.
rs1726866(C;C)0.1Goodcan taste bitter
rs1726866(T;T)1.1possible unable to taste bitter
rs2227564(T;T)0Goodcommon in clinvar
rs4680(G;G)2.5Good(warrior) multiple associations, see details
rs4680(A;A)2.5Good(worrier) advantage in memory and attention tasks
rs2476601(A;A)3.2Bad2x risk of rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases
rs2476601(G;G)0GoodNormal risk for autoimmune disorders
rs3135506(G;G)0Goodcommon on affy axiom data
rs6265(A;A)2.6Badintroversion; depression resistant; impaired motor skills learning; somewhat quicker mental decline in Alzheimer patients
rs4420638(G;G)3Bad2x+ increased Alzheimer's risk, further genotyping suggested ; increased LDL cholesterol
rs7903146(T;T)3.5Bad2x increased risk for Type-2 diabetes
rs429358(C;C)1.2Badone of 2 snps relevant to classifying APOE genotype
rs5082(C;C)2.5saturated fat contributes to obesity, but 0.57 % lower risk for coronary artery disease
rs3816873(C;C)2.2Goodreduced risk of type-2 diabetes
rs3948464(T;T)0Goodcommon in clinvar
rs5370(T;T)1.2Badpossibly lower HDL cholesterol in women
rs696217(G;G)0Goodcommon in clinvar
rs800292(C;C)2Bad5% higher risk of Age related macular degeneration
rs800292(T;T)2Good5% decreased risk of macular degeneration
rs1041981(A;A)2BadHigher myocardial infarction risk
rs11556045(A;A)0Goodcommon in clinvar
rs11556045(G;G)0Goodbenign polymorphism
rs1800450(G;G)0Goodcommon in clinvar
rs1800450(A;A)1.6Badmannose binding deficiency but of low clinical importance
rs1801270(C;C)0Goodnormal risk
rs709932(G;G)0Goodcommon in clinvar
rs1045485(C;C)2GoodReduced Risk of Breast Cancer
rs1065852(T;T)3.2BadHomozygous for CYP2D6 decreased or non-functioning variants; possibly less response to some drugs, including tamoxifen
rs2987983(C;C)2Bad1.2x increased risk of prostate cancer
rs2987983(C;T)2Bad1.2x increased risk of prostate cancer
rs2987983(T;T)0normal risk
rs7412(C;C)1part of APOE4 genoset evaluation
rs7412(T;T)1part of APOE4 genoset evaluation
rs662(A;A)2Bad~2x higher risk of of coronary heart disease reported in some studies, but lower risk seen in other studies
rs662(G;G)1.3Mixed; conflicting results reported related to stroke and CAD
rs854560(A;A)2Badhigher risk for heart disease, diabetic retinopathy
rs12026(C;C)0Goodcommon in clinvar
rs1799864(G;G)0Goodcommon in clinvar
rs6025(A;A)7Bad11.4x higher risk of thrombosis
rs6025(G;G)0Goodnormal/common risk of thrombosis
rs2476601(A;G)2BadIncreased Risk of Multiple Autoimmune Disorders
rs1061147(A;C)1GoodNormal 0.97x risk for Age Related Macular Degeneration.
rs1061170(C;T)2.5Bad2.5x risk for AMD; higher mortality among nonagenarians
rs4950928(G;C)2GoodHalf the risk (maybe) of Asthma.
rs7903146(C;T)2.1Bad1.4x increased risk for diabetes (and perhaps colon cancer).
rs12255372(G;T)2Bad1.3x increased type-2 diabetes risk
rs1219648(A;G)2Bad1.20x risk for breast cancer
rs4430796(A;G)0normal risk
rs1859962(G;T)0Goodnormal risk
rs4633(C;T)2Badhigher risk for endometrial cancer
rs16947(A;G)0.1a common variant
rs4444903(A;G)2Bad3.5x risk of hep-cancer in cirrhosis patients; higher glioma risk
rs16891982(C;G)2if European, 7x more likely to have black hair
rs11556045(A;G)0Goodbenign polymorphism
rs1799971(A;G)2.5Badstronger cravings for alcohol. if alcoholic, naltrexone treatment 2x more successful
rs1726866(C;T)0.1can taste bitter
rs713598(C;G)1.1GoodCan taste bitter.
rs6983267(G;T)2.7Bad1.3x risk of prostate cancer; aspirin reduces risk of colorectal cancer
rs1333040(C;T)0Bad1.24x increased myocardial infarction risk, ~1.24x increased intracranial aneurysm risk
rs2383206(A;G)2Bad1.4x increased risk for heart disease
rs4950928(C;C)1.9BadNormal (higher) risk of Asthma.
rs806380(G;G)2.1Gooduncommon. lowest odds of cannabis dependence
rs28929768(T;T)0Goodcommon in clinvar
rs28999110(C;C)0Goodcommon in clinvar
rs28999111(C;C)0Goodcommon in clinvar
rs28999112(C;C)0Goodcommon in clinvar
rs28999114(A;A)0Goodcommon in clinvar
rs669(G;G)2Bad3.8x or higher increased risk for Alzheimers
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