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Magnitude 2
Repute Bad
Summary One copy of APOE4 is possible, but not certain
Criteria Gs188/criteria

You have 2 SNPs in the APOE gene, which may indicate 1 copy of the ApoE-ε4 allele. Consumer genotyping is unable to determine if both of your SNPs are on the same strand. [PMID 21263195] If they are, you would be at increased risk of Alzheimer's disease in old age. More specifically, if you are carrying one ApoE4 allele, the estimated remaining lifetime risk at age 65 for developing Alzheimer's is 12% for males and 23% for females, compared to ~5% and 9%, respectively, for those with zero ApoE4 alleles.[PMID 11136203]

You do not have the highest risk ApoE4/ApoE4 genotype, which would have been detected by gs216.

The Apo-ε4 allele may have benefits during earlier years New Scientist.