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Magnitude 2.7
Repute Bad
Summary Slow metabolizer of DCA (a cancer drug, and a drug used in metabolic problems in children, substance found in chlorinated swimming pool water),slow metabolizer of protein
Criteria Gs311/criteria

see Gs310

Being a slow metabolizer of DCA in cancer or metabolic treatment, by itself, would not be necessarily bad though it would be important to be aware that serum levels of drug would be larger than expected. DCA has known side effects including nerve pain. These side effects would be more likely in those who were slow metabolizers.

DCA is also found in chlorinated swimming pool water. Even at these environmental levels of DCA slow metabolism could be problematic.

Those on a high protein diet could also be affected by resulting slow metabolism. Tyrosine is metabolized through the same enzyme as DCA. Consuming a high protein diet with slow metabolism through the GSTz1 gene could cause problems. There are some EGT variants that are especially slow metabolizers.