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Magnitude 2
Repute Good
Summary Parkinson's risk might be decreased depending upon determination of haplotype phase
Criteria Gs317/criteria

A protective association was found (OR=0.83, 95% CI: 0.71-0.96) between Parkinson's Disease and a haplotype composed of the A allele at rs1880669 and the T allele at rs1049296 in transferrin (TF) in 1289 cases and 1391 controls [PMID 24121126]. Note that the SNP rs1049296 was found in combination with other iron SNPs to be related to an increased risk of AD in Gs293.

As you are a double heterozygote, your genotype does not permit a determination of whether or not you carry the beneficial haplotype. In order to resolve the phasing of your genotype, go to GEDmatch and upload your gene chip file if you have not already done so. Use the segment search tool to find DNA relatives who match you at 3:133775510 and 3:133764852. If you find a relative who is homozygous at rs1880669, then you will know your genotype. For example, if any relative genotypes AA or GG at rs1880669 and CC at rs1049296, then you will have resolved the haplotypes as AC and AC or GC and GC. Half of your relatives on this segment should be homozygous for one of the genotypes at rs1880669. If you can get the SNP Sharing Pool feature to work and your relative is in the pool, then you can determine their genotype without a problem. Otherwise, contact a relative with a homozygous genotype at rs1880669.