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Parsley Health

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From their website: Parsley Health is a groundbreaking medical practice with highly trained doctors and health coaches who take a smarter, whole approach to helping you live a healthy life.

Parsley Health sees patients in-person or virtually with locations in NYC, LA, and SF; visit their website to schedule a consultation.



There are 3 common SNPs giving rise to MTHFR alleles:

COMT The so-called Warrior/Worrier variant, based on higher/lower COMT enzymatic activity:

CBS Variants in the CBS gene can play role in folate metabolism, including:

  • rs5742905, also known as I278T or Ile278Thr; vitamin B6 responsive
  • rs121964972, also known as G307S or Gly307Ser; vitamin B6 non-responsive


APOE ApoE allele status is defined for the most alleles based on the following SNPedia genosets:

  • Apo-ε2/ε2 gs268 (T;T) (T;T)
  • Apo-ε2/ε3 gs269 (T;T) (C;T)
  • Apo-ε2/ε4 gs270 (C;T) (C;T) ambiguous with ε1/ε3
  • Apo-ε3/ε3 gs246 (T;T) (C;C) the most common
  • Apo-ε3/ε4 gs141 (C;T) (C;C)
  • Apo-ε4/ε4 gs216 (C;C) (C;C) ~11x increased Alzheimer's risk


  • rs1137101, also known as R223Q/Q223R or Arg223Gln/Gln223Arg


Oxidative Stress[edit]



  • rs4880, also known as A16V/V16A or Ala16Val/Val16Ala


  • rs1799895, also known as c.691C>G, p.Arg231Gly and R231G


  • rs366631, which indicates the null allele status


  • rs1695, also known as Val105 or Ile105Val