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Magnitude 1.5
Summary Mitochondrial Haplogroup H
Criteria Gs1001/criteria

Haplogroup H probably evolved in West Asia ~30k years ago and arrived to Europe 20-25k years ago, spreading rapidly to the southwest of the continent.

About one half of Europeans are of mtDNA haplogroup H. The haplogroup is also common in North Africa and the Middle East. The majority of the European populations have an overall haplogroup H frequency of 40%–50%. Frequencies decrease in the southeast of the continent, reaching 20% in the Near East and Caucasus, and <10% in the Persian Gulf, Northern India and Central Asia and up to the Northern reaches of Scandinavia.

wikipedia provides more info.

This is a mitochondrial haplogroup and a subclade of HV.

haplograph provides this image

  • N
    • R
      • R0
        • HV
          • H


This will be set to require only one of these as confirmation of downstream N status.

Nether of these is on the 23andMe V2 Chip.

73A will be excluded downstream of HV as it frequently back mutates.

  • Defining SNPs for HV
    • C14766C

This is not on the 23andMe V2 Chip.

This will be set to require only one of these to confirm H status.

Criteria Code[edit]

    or(rs2853826(A;A), rs2857284(T;T), rs28573847(G;G), i3001523(G;G), i3000759(A;A), rs2248727(T;T), i3001497(T;T)),
    or(rs2853495(G;G), i3001044(G;G)),
    or(rs2854128(A;A), rs2015062(C;C)),

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