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Magnitude 1.5
Summary Mitochondrial Haplogroup U
Criteria Gs1105/criteria

Haplogroup U probably evolved around ~55k years ago. Its descendants are spread throughout Western Eurasia, North Africa, and South Asia.

Wikipedia provides more info.

This is a mitochondrial haplogroup and a subclade of R11'B.

haplograph provides this image

  • N
    • R
      • R11'B
        • U


This will be set to require only one of these as confirmation of downstream N status.

Nether of these is on the 23andMe V2 Chip.

  • Defining SNPs for R11'B

This will be set to require only one of these to confirm U status.

Criteria Code[edit]

    or(rs2853826(A;A), rs2857284(T;T), rs28573847(G;G), i3001523(G;G), i3000759(A;A), rs2248727(T;T), i3001497(T;T)),
    or(rs2853493(G;G), rs2853498(G;G), rs2853499(A;A)),

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