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Haplogroup A (mtDNA)

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A is an mtDNA Haplogroup. It is about 24,000 years old [PMID 22482806] and arose in Asia. It is found in both Asia and in Native American populations.


This phylogenetic tree of haplogroup A subclades is based on the paper by Mannis van Oven and Manfred Kayser Updated comprehensive phylogenetic tree of global human mitochondrial DNA variation [PMID 18853457] and subsequent published research.

  • RSRS
    • L1'2'3'4'5'6 C146T C182T T4312C T10664C C10915T A11914G G13276A G16230A
      • L2'3'4'5'6 C152T A2758G C2885T G7146A T8468C
        • L2'3'4'6 C195T A247G A825t T8655C A10688G C10810T G13105A T13506C G15301A A16129G T16187C C16189T
          • L3'4'6 G4104A A7521G
            • L3'4 T182C! T3594C T7256C T13650C T16278C
              • L3 A769G A1018G C16311T
                • N G8701A C9540T G10398A C10873T A15301G!
                  • A A235G A663G A1736G T4248C A4824G C8794T C16290T G16319A

Associated Genosets[edit]

Haplogroup A and Subclades
Haplogroup Parent Haplogroup Defining SNPs 23andMe Genoset Full Genomic Sequence (FTDNA, Argus Bio, and YSeq)
A N A235G A663G A1736G T4248C A4824G C8794T C16290T G16319A
A1 A G1442A
A1a A1 G9713A T16249C
A1a1 A1a T4928C
A2 A T146C! C152T!! A153G G8027A G12007A C16111T
A2a A2 C3330T C16192T
A2a1 A2a C16261T
A2a2 A2a C9301T
A2a3 A2a T16311C!
A2a4 A2a G5460A T16093C
A2a5 A2a T3552C T12166C A16233G A16331G C16362T!
A2b A2 T11365C
A2b1 A2b A16265G
A2c A2 T12468C G14364A
A2d A2 C6308T
A2d1 A2d 8281-8289d A11314G
A2d1a A2d1 T8548C G16274A
A2d2 A2d T5081C
A2e A2 C7112T G13708A T16189C! G16336A
A2ao A2 C9650T
A2ao1 A2ao T3394C C16264T
A2f A2 G12940A
A2f1 A2f T2638C G3316A G7897A T15670C (C16192T)
A2f1a A2f1 T1809C C12092a C14911T
A2f2 A2f C146T!! G676A T16357C
A2f3 A2f3 C151T G5585A A9156G G11914A! C14275T G15323A
A2g A2 A7724t G16391A
A2g1 A2g1 A4970G C13855T
A2h A2 G16526A
A2h1 A2h1 G1598A G1888A T12811C A16335G
A2i A2 G94A 960.XC 3307.1A T3308C C5165T T6620C A14280G T14470C C15386T T16325C
A3 A T2857C A8962G C9711T
A3a A3 A13140G
A7 A T146C! A8413G G10172A C15379T A16051G G16129A! T16189C!
A9 A C6950T A7228G G8340A A10700G A15874G
A11 A C9650T A16293c
A11a A11 T1005C 5899.XC G6755A T8843C
A11b H11 T3290C C16527T
A5 A A8563G C11536T
A5a A5 2156.1A G4655A C11647T C16187T!
A5a1 A5a C14944T
A5a1a A5a1 G10801A
A5a1a1 A5a1a G5773A T12880C
A5a1a1a A5a1a1 A13221G
A5a1a1b A5a1a1 T4736C
A5a1a2 A5a1a C8628T
A5a1b A5a1 A16160G
A5a2 A5a T13461C
A5a3 A5a3 A12909G
A5a3a A5a3 T15341C
A5a4 A5a G10325A
A5a5 A5a C7694T
A5b A5 T961C 965.XC
A5b1 A5b G1709A T16126C A16235G
A5b1a A5b1 C10637T
A5b1b A5b1 C16234T
A5b1c A5b1 T8260C
A5b1c1 A5b1c T152C! G5054c A15442G
A5c A5 T152C! G16129A! G16213A
A5c1 A5c1 C12816T
A8 A C16242T
A8a A8 C64T T146C!
A8a1 A8a T152C! G6962A G8865A A12777G
A10 A T5393C C7468T G9948A C10094T A16227c T16311C!


  • van Oven, Mannis; Manfred Kayser (13 Oct 2008). "Updated comprehensive phylogenetic tree of global human mitochondrial DNA variation". Human Mutation 30 (2): E386-E394. [PMID 18853457] doi:10.1002/humu.20921.
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