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With a stated mission of providing "effective treatment optimization accessible to every European citizen", the Ubiquitous Pharmacogenomics Consortium (upgx.eu) has published a "PGx-Passport", consisting of 58 variants in 14 important pharmocogenomic genes. In combination with the Dutch Pharmacogenetics Working Group (DPWG) guidelines, the PGx-Passport is designed to optimize prescribing for 49 common drugs.[PMID 31038729]

The details for the PGx-Passport are presented below in two tables; the first shows the specific SNPs, and the second the drug for which corresponding actionable DPWG guidelines are available.

adapted and expanded from [PMID 31038729]
Gene Defining rsID Allele Function
CYP2B6 rs2279343, rs3745274 *6 Decreased or none
CYP2B6 rs3745274 *9 Decreased or none
CYP2B6 rs2279343 *4 Decreased or none
CYP2B6 rs2279343, rs28399499 *16 Decreased or none
CYP2B6 rs28399499 *18 Decreased or none
CYP2B6 rs3211371 *5 Decreased or full
CYP2C9 rs1799853 *2 Decreased
CYP2C9 rs1057910 *3 Decreased
CYP2C9 rs28371686 *5 Decreased
CYP2C9 rs28371685 *11 Decreased
CYP2C19 rs4244285 *2 None
CYP2C19 rs4986893 *3 None
CYP2C19 rs28399504 *4A/B None
CYP2C19 rs56337013 *5 None
CYP2C19 rs72552267 *6 None
CYP2C19 rs41291556 *8 Decreased or none
CYP2C19 rs17884712 *9 Decreased
CYP2C19 rs6413438 *10 Decreased
CYP2C19 rs12248560 *17 Increased
CYP2D6 n/a *xN (gene duplication) Increased
CYP2D6 rs35742686 *3 None
CYP2D6 rs3892097, (rs1065852) *4 None
CYP2D6 n/a *5 None (gene deletion)
CYP2D6 rs5030655 *6 None
CYP2D6 rs5030865 *8 None
CYP2D6 rs5030656 *9 Decreased
CYP2D6 rs1065852 *10 Decreased
CYP2D6 rs5030865, rs1065852 *14A Decreased
CYP2D6 rs5030865 *14B Decreased
CYP2D6 rs28371706 *17 Decreased
CYP2D6 rs28371725 *41 Decreased
CYP3A5 rs776746 *3 None
CYP3A5 rs10264272 *6 None
CYP3A5 rs41303343 *7 None
DPYD rs3918290 *2A None
DPYD rs55886062 *13 None
DPYD rs67376798 X Decreased
DPYD rs56038477 X Decreased
F5 rs6025 X Decreased
HLA-A rs1061235 *31:01 High-risk allele
HLA-B rs3909184, rs2844682 *15:02 High-risk allele
HLA-B rs2395029 *57:01 High-risk allele
NUDT15 rs746071566, rs116855232 *2 Decreased
NUDT15 rs116855232 *3 Decreased
NUDT15 rs746071566 *6 Decreased
NUDT15 rs746071566 *9 Decreased
SLCO1B1 rs4149056 *5/*15/*17 Decreased
TPMT rs1800462 *2 None
TPMT rs1142345, rs1800460 *3A None
TPMT rs1800460 *3B None
TPMT rs1142345 *3C None
UGT1A1 rs4148323 *6 Decreased
UGT1A1 rs35350960 *27 Decreased
UGT1A1 rs8175347 *28 Decreased
UGT1A1 rs8175347 *37 Decreased
VKORC1 rs9934438 X Decreased expression
also adapted from [PMID 31038729]
Drug Pharmacogene(s)
5-Fluorouracil DPYD
6-Mercaptopurine NUDT15
6-Mercaptopurine TPMT
Abacavir HLA-B*57:01
Acenocoumarol VKORC1
Allopurinol HLA-B*58:01
Amitriptyline CYP2D6
Aripiprazole CYP2D6
Atomoxetine CYP2D6
Atorvastatin SLCO1B1
Azathioprine NUDT15
Azathioprine TPMT
Capecitabine DPYD
Carbamazepine HLA-A
Carbamazepine HLA-B*15:02
Carbamazepine HLA-B*15:11
Citalopram CYP2C19
Clomipramine CYP2D6
Clopidogrel CYP2C19
Codeine CYP2D6
Doxepin CYP2D6
Efavirenz CYP2B6
Escitalopram CYP2C19
Estrogen contraceptive agents F5
Flecainide CYP2D6
Flucloxacillin HLA-B*57:01
Haloperidol CYP2D6
Imipramine CYP2C19
Imipramine CYP2D6
Irinotecan UGT1A1
Lamotrigine HLA-B*15:02
Lansoprazole CYP2C19
Metoprolol CYP2D6
Nortriptyline CYP2D6
Omeprazole CYP2C19
Oxcarbazepine HLA-B*15:02
Pantoprazole CYP2C19
Paroxetine CYP2D6
Phenprocoumon VKORC1
Phenytoin CYP2C9
Phenytoin HLA-B*15:02
Pimozide CYP2D6
Propafenone CYP2D6
Sertraline CYP2C19
Simvastatin SLCO1B1
Tacrolimus CYP3A5
Tamoxifen CYP2D6
Tegafur DPYD
Thioguanine NUDT15
Thioguanine TPMT
Tramadol CYP2D6
Venlafaxine CYP2D6
Voriconazole CYP2C19
Warfarin CYP2C9
Warfarin VKORC1
Zuclopenthixol CYP2D6