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Related SNPs

Related genes:

  • TNF
  • ADH1C
  • ORMDL3
  • TBX21, for which at least six SNPs have been reported to be associated with several asthma subtypes
  • CFTR; heterozygous carriers are at 1.6x higher risk for asthma according to a 2016 meta-analysis [PMID 27324553]

Allergic bronchial asthma may be provoked by different allergens, such as:

Carrying certain snps can probably make some asthma medications dangerous [1]

A hexanucleotide repeat upstream of eotaxin gene promoter is associated with asthma, serum total IgE and plasma eotaxin levels.

[PMID 17220216] eotaxin polymorphisms are associated with the development of asthma

[PMID 17450233] Parental smoking modifies the relation between genetic variation in tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF) and childhood asthma.